Founder’s Message

33 years ago, we began as a modest classroom coaching institute. Today, IDEAL educates thousands of students across India. We mould over 12,500 students every year via satellite, online and distance learning; along with classroom coaching. We have always championed the cause of quality education. That’s exactly what we deliver across 6 streams and 29 courses. We have always believed in dedication. Precisely what our 200+ expert teachers give every student across our 167 classrooms, every day.

Pioneering education has always been our aim. We were the first institute to receive ISO 9001 certification, first institute to have an independent teachers training program. We are the only coaching institute to have a dedicated in house placement service for its students. But there are greater milestones to be covered on the road to refined learning.

I am proud to present IDEAL Evolved Learning an advanced coaching system that will revolutionise teaching, and change the way students learn. In the coming years, students across all streams of education will be able to experience this refined system. With Evolved Learning, IDEAL empowers students to soar high and aim higher everytime.

Prof. Jagdish Walawalkar
(Founder & Chairman)