ICSE Program

Key Features of the ICSE Program :

  • Structured IDEAL Program
    The tutorial program for ICSE VIII, IX, X students is a well structured lecture plan; we ensure timely syllabus completion, giving appropriate time to each subject. Quick Test, Unit Test, Weekly Test ensures students involved in learning throughout the year.

  • Experienced and Trained faculties
    IDEAL has the best team of faculties for respective board tutorials. All of our faculties are subject experts, trained and have proven track record on their respective subject. We also train our faculties regularly on latest teaching methodology, technology and academics.

  • IDEAL Lecture Delivery Process
    We have divided the lecture hours in 4 major components. The entire process is designed in such a way to avoid rote learning and enhance the involvement of the students.

    1. Main Lecture
    2. Synchronized use of Pearson Digitally
    3. Doubt Clearance - on the topic taught in the lecture
    4. Quick Test- on the topic taught in the same lecture
    5. Test Discussion- Discussion on test conducted on the same day

  • Home Assignments
    Home assignments on the recently taught topics help the students to reread and work on the same topic and hence consolidate his/her learning. It gives them opportunity to come up with their doubts on the topic with the faculties. We keep a track record of the assignment submission.

  • Unit test, Test Series & Mock Test
    Unit Test is conducted after the completion of the unit; it helps students to consolidate their learning on the unit with point of view of Board Exams. Unit test is followed by test paper discussion at Lecture Hour.
    We also conduct a Test Series which is based on combination of few topics recently taught. The topics are declared well in advance so that students can recap. The idea behind Test Series and Unit Test is to divide the learning in across the year, keep student attentive in the lecture and avoiding syllabus backlog.
    Mock Test is a complete syllabus test on the subject. It is conducted in the month of November to January. For VIII & IX we follow the same process before the term exams.

  • Training to Scoring High
    For the board exams we provide Special Training on Scoring High in the month of October and November. The trainers are experienced on the subject matters.

  • Telephonic and On-Line Doubt Clearing during Exam Time
    During the final board exams our faculty is available over the phone and On-Line doubt sessions through Learn at Home.

  • Technology Aided Teaching
    It is proven that merely chalk and talk method of teaching give 10% of retention what a student has learnt, while involving the students in learning and Audio-Visuals enhances the retention of the learning. Pearson, world’s largest education company is our digital content partner.

  • IDEAL Study Material
    Study material is an important learning tool through which students revise their learning, a practice set and a guide- focused on the Board Exam pattern. Our study material is prepared by the experts of the respective subject. Presentation of the study material is scientifically designed to enhance the overall performance of the students at Board Exam.

  • Counseling and Feedback
    Feedback and evaluation are a key part of any professionally managed training organization.We have established system for feedback and valuation. The mechanism is a 2 way mechanism where we involve all the key components - Parents Teachers Meeting,Monthly Report Card,Trained Counselors and Center Management Team.